Eric Bellinger – I Don’t Want Her (Feat. Problem)

Listened to I Don’t Want Her (Feat. Problem) by Eric Bellinger from the album: I Don’t Want Her (feat. Problem) – Single
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/1lMU7Cb
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Drake – The Motto

Listened to The Motto by Drake from the album: Take Care
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/GIbD8h
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Ludacris – Party Girls

Listened to Party Girls by Ludacris from the album: Party Girls
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/1aRepY1
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Oliver Heldens – Gecko (Overdrive) – Radio Edit

Listened to Gecko (Overdrive) – Radio Edit by Oliver Heldens from the album: Gecko (Overdrive)
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/V3yzHM
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Miguel – How Many Drinks?

Listened to How Many Drinks? by Miguel from the album: Kaleidoscope Dream
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/WYBmLy
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J. Cole – Power Trip

Listened to Power Trip by J. Cole from the album: Power Trip
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/10u2pBv
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Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Listened to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke from the album: Blurred Lines
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/16taslQ
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Arctic Monkeys – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Listened to Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? by Arctic Monkeys from the album: AM
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/1c6PA9v
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Beyoncé – Drunk in Love

Listened to Drunk in Love by Beyoncé from the album: Beyoncé
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/1chvRQK
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Joel Compass – Run

Listened to Run by Joel Compass from the album: Run
Last.fm Link: http://ift.tt/19NmUNv
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